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Vayoil Textil created a concept called Bedroom Architecture as the bed is one of the elements that defines a room and is a perfect display for the guest

The bed is an element that focuses the vision of any guest the moment that they first enter into a room.. For that reason it should be a harmonistic element that the guest likes and also makes them feel comfortable. The bed is made from sheets and its composition has infinite possibilities; covers, bedspreads,quadrants,plaids and an important range of pillows complete the choices.

With respect to the materials used for our sheets and pillow covers, quadrant covers and quilts they are made of different materials: cotton,polyester,linen and silk.

For smooth 100 % cotton sheets with the Jacquard design the ones which are normally used are long fibre with a thickness of threads (200 , 300 , 400 , …); and the finish is mercerized.

Our bedspreads/quilts are made using the best materials whether they are made from 100% cotton or partly made of polyester