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Hotel linen in general and Catering linen play a fundamental part due to the fact that they are in direct contact with the client and are a determining factor in helping the guest feel comfortable, receive good sensations especially about cleanliness so that they repeat their hotel experience.

Our gastronomic culture is also a great opportunity for hotels and restaurants

We include in our products fabrics which our customers need. Quality and durability are the main features of these products that dress the table created and designed by Vayoil Textil to your liking .

How to make a difference

Dressing a table adequately makes a difference. Tablecloths and napkins made from linen and cotton that combine the best of its qualities:smoothness, touch and the high performance of Pure Cotton mix intimately to create a perfect combination that offers a sophisticated timeless atmosphere.

Linen and Pure or mixed Cotton between them or with polyester form a part of our collection and daily production.