RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 2017-11-16T00:23:33+00:00

At Vayoil Textil, as suppliers in a sector of great dynamism and demand, our strategy has been one of specialization, relying on the quality of our product and being environmentally friendly. This way of working has enabled us to become suppliers to high-class, luxury hotels. To achieve this our company has over many years firmly commited to research and development through investing in machinery that has allowed us to improve manafacturing processes and become more competitive, also in the choice of suppliers.

Thanks to this effort, a pillar of the company, our Study and Product Department has fully developed its activity creating samples and prototypes for new collections and products for our clients. This means that each year we are introducing new products and are researching new types of finishes, product durability and improvements in solutions to client neccessities.

Due to us being able to mass produce, Vayoil Textil develops unique products and articles that express top quality Linen for the Hotel textile market.