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Corporative Social Responsibility forms an important part of the DNA of the company and as a part of the respect of everyone implicated in the development of their work. From the clients, suppliers, workers and their physical and social environment. It is a necessary condition that this responsibility is exercised firstly inside the company for it to have an exterior effect .

For this reason at Vayoil Textil our workers are our differential value. We do not see them as just numbers but people with distinctive talents who work together to achieve a common goal.

The objective is none other than to try to reconcile business efficiency with the principles of support and social justice and this is what we work on daily.

Social Responsability and Social Commitment

Social responsibility is the reaction of a citizen or a company to the surrounding reality. It means taking decisions and actions in order to make living in a community decent and respectful and so that policies are established to help those most in need. Social commitment is the wilful contribution made by a citizen or a company to the ethical demands of a fair world. Social commitment is an everyday effort, a plus of contribution, to turn our society into a free, peaceful and healthy area of coexistence.

  • We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.
  • We guarantee we are not complicit in human rights abuses.
  • We uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  • We reject all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
  • We respect the minimum working age established en each of the countries we work in. We never employ under 14’s.
  • We fight against discrimination in relation to employment and occupation (especially for reasons of gender, origin or political affiliation)
  • We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
  • We support and undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  • We encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.


Vayoil Textil is also an environmentally-friendly company. The company possesses the certificate OEKO-TEX for all of its products. This certificate is provided by AITEX(Textile Technological Institute) which guarantees the absence of harmful substances in their products and the use of clean manafacturing without contaminants.

To achieve this important environmental challenge the company has for years undertaken an ardous task in research of its products through it Researh and Devolopment Department also Vayoil Textil only works with with a network of trusty suppliers that guaruntee a respectful attitude to our attitude to the environment.

Any client that uses textile products with the seal Vayoil can rest easy that it is a clean product and its manafacturing process is also clean.

Oeko -Tex Standard 100 Certification is the world leader environmental sustainability label for textile products. It certifies that the products have been tested and approved by commissioned international Institutes. Furthermore, this certification is a guarantee for the users that the tested
products are free of harmful substances.
Vayoil Textil subscribes all the sectors of Oeko-Tex textile ecology concept:

  1. Production ecology
    Production ecology examines the impact of production processes on people and environment, e.g. occupational health and safety, material, water and energy consumption, waste water and waste treatment as well as generation of dust and noise.
  2. Human ecology. Human ecology deals with the impact of textiles and their chemical ingredients on the health and well-being of humans.
  3. Performance ecology. Performance ecology comes in at the usage phase of textile products. It examines the environmental impact of washing, cleaning and caring for textiles.
  4. Disposalecology. Analyses the problems connected with disposal, reuse, recycling and removal (thermal recycling or landfill) of textiles.


colaboramos con la asociación española de fibrosis quística


On the other hand our ties and economic help has been given, since over 10 years ago, to associations such as: Asociación Integra SOS, which helps those people who are excluded from normal everyday life,Taller Mare Mazzarello, with donations of our materials and products which this charity converts into childrens clothes for underdeveloped countries.

One of our latest initiatives has been to to become a collaborator with the National Federation of Quistic Fibrosis since 2014. This association investigates and helps families whose members have this rare disease. We collaborate with research of this genetic disease ; in the improvement of quality of life of sufferers (children and teenagers) and family members.

Another of our support and solidarity initiatives has been with Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona through a collaboration agreement with Felac (Federación Española de Asociaciones de Fabricantes de Maquinaria para Hostelería, Colectividades e Industrias Afines). In this case, Vayoil Textil which is a member of FELAC, has undertaken the task of donating textile equipment to various centres that this association manages; Day Centres for the elderly, Shelters, Maternity Support Centres or Homes for the Homeless. These actions are framed within the agreement between these associations and FELAC and included in the programme “Companies with the heart of Caritas.

Also highlighted is the collaboration done in 2013 in which 60% of the Marketing and Communication Budget was donated to the programme “Con mimo” of the Amica Foundation sponsored by the Botín Foundation.