After 20 years of designing linen for hotels, we have earned the right to speak to you man to man

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After 20 years of creating and designing linen for hotels worldwide, we are capable of putting ourselves in your place, we can think as a hotel and are aware that your guests are our guests as well.

That is why you can talk to us on the same level.


At Vayoil we fully understand what a hotel needs to satisfy its clients’ needs. We manufacture bedroom, bathroom and restaurant linen. We constantly innovate in all these areas so that our clients are always at the forefront of the sector and to help them differentiate themselves from their competition.


At Vayoil we believe that the hotels that can make a difference are those which take care of the smallest detail and understand the fundamental importance of their linen for their guests. We like to call them “hotels with a soul”, and we offer to hotels that we work with to achieve that soul.